London, United Kingdom
Friday, November 21st.

Over 200 youths, students and representatives of the Congolese community will march today to Downing Street to honour the 5.4 million people who have died in the DRC and call on the British Government to take urgent action to protect civilians still at risk.

Demonstrators will be dressed in black, in mourning for those who have died in the conflict, and will carry candles to express the hope of all Congolese people for peace in region.

The march will be led by an 11 year old girl who will carry a wreath of flowers to honour the dead.

The demonstrators will walk under a banner declaring: “5.4 million dead. How many more?”

The march will be non-political and will bring communities together in non-violent protest at the continuing situation in DRC.

Representatives of Save The Congo will hand in a petition to No 10 Downing Street before addressing the crowd outside No 10.



14:00 Demonstrators meet at Marylebone tube station

14:15 Demonstrators arrive at Rwandan Embassy, Seymour Place, W1

14:20 Young girl lays wreath on step of Rwandan Embassy

15:00 Demonstrators march through central London towards Downing Street

15:15 Demonstrators arrive at Downing Street at will congregate at the opposite side of the street to NO 10

15:30 Representatives of Save The Congo go to Downing Street to hand in a petition from over 3000 members of the Congolese community calling on Gordon Brown to protect civilians in DRC

15.45 Speech by Representative of Save The Congo

16.00 ENDS

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Vava Tampa
Phone : + 44 (0) 7960705829
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